Monday, June 7, 2010

Creating Habits with

So I just found out that my last couple of videos were too large to send and were sitting in my phone out-box so they haven't made it to YouTube or here yet. I'll have to remedy that tomorrow, but today I wanted to take a brief minute and share a new app I've been trying to use to help me get into proper habits. It's called Rootein (at and you basically go in and setup the tasks you want to track. You can set them to send you automatic reminders daily, and even bug you if you haven't done the task in 3 days. So far I've been real impressed with the service. The mobile version is perfect too. The didn't try to do too much but you can do everything you need to. The other cool feature is that the emails they send you as daily reminders also have special links in them that you can click to mark the item as finished so you don't even need to log in to the website. Just thought I'd pass that along until next time.


  1. This sounds awesome and would help me out a lot. I am going to try it out and then I will give you my thoughts.

  2. Hey I have heard you are looking into renting that spot out in Provo? Are you really moving on this?